Friday, February 6, 2009

Why wait for THAT particular day to say “I LOVE YOU” when you can have 365 to choose from?
Blacky finds out how........

MOST PEOPLE THINK IT is really cool to be married on Valentiine’s Day. Well personally, I’d say it’s a mistake. I mean not the marriage but the date..

My beloved late wife and I forgot what it would cost us to celebrate our wedding anniversary on the day when thousand of others lovers are also celebrating their love ones, fuelling the demand for flowers, gifts and fancy dinners.

Sudddenly, a rose costs a bomb, the price of chocolate sky rockets and the simplest dinner in a decent hotel that is usually less than RM100 now leaves a big hole in your pocket.
It can really put a damper on your spirits, all this business about romance with a price tag. If you look closely, little Cupid with his innocent face is not really aiming at your heart. Rather try your wallet for a start.

If your love is really true, what’s wrong with dining an the normal reataurant instead of a five-star hotel? And why wait for THAT particular day to say “I LOVE YOU” when you can have 365 to choose from?
It’s all part of the ploy by businesses you see, all this hype about Valentine’s Day being a day of lovers.

If you generate enough bull about Feb 14 being associated with romance and passion to make people to pay RM18 for a rose, getting them to pay RM200 for dinner is a easy as drinking water.

Have you noticed how many different accounts there are of the origins of Valentine’s Day? Enough said, just ask yourself whether you can do your loved ones a bigger favour by being less grumpy, less of a slob and by spending more time with the kids instead of spending all that money on flowers that will eventually willing and die, food that might give you indigestion and a gift that may not even be appreciated.

That ‘s why over the past years ,(before my wife pass away) I have developed an allergy for flowers whenever Valentine’s Day comes around. And the telly never fails to offer something worthwhile which compensates for not going out to join the rest of the lovebirds in town.
We’ve decided we’ll share a pizza and watch our wedding video yet again. Sounds very romantic, right, but romance is a very subjective matter.

Well, I find the way my wife makes me laugh very romantic. And she does make me laugh often, which explains why I don’t consider romance a missing ingredient in my life.
Besides, we don’t have to declare our love for each other extravagantly on Val
entine’s day only, right? We can always do it tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



  1. it is true....u don't have to wait for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries...any event....u have to express ur loves and cares to the person that u love...before it is too late...better say it now and let them know...or it will not be at all...

  2. thank you for sharing my points of view dont hve to wait rights..just say it.

  3. hi just passing by...
    i can't resist to quote your words..
    "Why wait for THAT particular day to say “I LOVE YOU” when you can have 365 to choose from?"... pinjam kejap boley ?

  4. thaks for droping can pinjam terus..

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  6. salam persinggahan,
    tersentuh. Semoga tabah dan bahagia bersama zuriat yang ada.

  7. DrSam, tq for droping by..hve drop by your blog and very interesting topic you hve..

  8. di rumah...ada org ke takde nie....bila nk update nie

  9. bro.. very interesting! you're so talented.. I'm impressed

  10. thanks eja..!~am starting to updates my blog soon..!~