Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I grew up in a small town, which I started up my life. I found myself completely cut off from my village, both culturally and geographically. Around that time my grandparents died and my mother was getting sick of her diabetes. The legends and traditions and folklore of my village were being lost. Meanwhile, here in 21st Century, imaging and trying to remember those things. The act of trying to remember those things, the act of trying to remember and the act of creating began overlap. And that is the reason, our childhood times will not be forgotten.

At those years I remember, how peacefully if we walks, jogging with a fresh air as the buzzing of bees’s wings and bird’s singing. Perhaps now we can see people rushing as early in the morning to their destination.

Most of us when we grow older and older we become more mature in life. I can say that our childhood time is the most interesting days. Imagine if someone who invent a time machine. We can go back to our childhood times. But, for today’s generations there are lucky. With the new tech of technology such as computers, internet, digital cams and sophisticated handphone access they can record their past with just a second,. How lucky there are now.

I can see a beautiful trees, coconut trees all kind of wooden houses those days when we go to other village. The breezing of the air, the beauty of the waterfall and river. Compared with now is so much different. With all the hugh buildings, high raise condos, highways, with the cars lorries and basses on the road, racing each other without thinking of safety for others people. Well anyway, year after years is the development for our country, as long as they keep the natural beauty and part of our historic places, awareness about the natural environment, if we were not careful, would be lost as they were in many in developed nations of today.

The most interesting and exciting places, which I play football, were the Selangor Padang.(now is Dataran Merdeka). Most of the people will go there after works and watch football game or Cricket. If there is a cricket tournament, the field will be crowded with peoples who loved to watch the game, and with every game, even football and tennis. I really missed that, now the places has been more like a commercial place, too many entertainment then sports activity nowdays.

During the sixties, when I was 13 years old then, I remember my teacher organise a camping trip to Port Dickson. There we can see the beauty of the beach, experiencing to be independent and self-motivation. I was chosen to be the leader of the groups, there we organized all kind of activities and water sports, and of course while some of the students enjoy their swimming and our teachers will observe for our safety. I still remember the mak chik carrying a “Bakul” and shouted “Goreng pisang, Goreng pisang”, and all kind of “Kuih muih”. And also the ice cream men, which one of my favourite ice cream , I call it the “Mangkok Tingkat double with a durian flavour. Later in the evening, all the students have to come back to the camps and everyone will relax while waiting for dinner at nights. After dinner some of us reading storybook, playing chess and board games, wile others debate among themselves, while me writing a poems whatever cross in my mind.

Early in the morning, we prepare to pack our camping gears and everyone tidy up the camping area, to make sure that we don’t leave any rubbish, which being thought by our disciplinary teacher. (On the way back by bus), we stop at the town to have a quick lunch and there I still remember the old town of Port Dickson and the remote wooden valley which now the village become a modern town. At that time it was so beautiful and nice scenery, and now we can see to many hotels & resorts. I could never forget and really enjoyed the trip and thanks to my teachers, and now I felt I was able to satisfy my act of going into the mountain forest at night and sleeping among the trees with sense of security which I could never find indoors.

“Times stop when all this dream is over, no more filtering moments..gone,
The real world has no need for stars go..
Only me..for going farther on..
The heart comes to believing..
As far goes...and words, never said...
Farther out-Farther in-Farther out”

(lyrics from the Album "Kazu Matsui")!!ing


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